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I've compiled all of the best Merch By Amazon resources into one easy to read book. 
Stop searching for Merch By Amazon resources!
Merch Resources for Merch By Amazon Designers contains over 200 pages and 22 chapters of useful information and actionable content that will benefit all Merch By Amazon designers!
Whether you’re just starting out or you’re an experienced design professional, Merch Resources has something for everyone. 

Chapters Include: 
1 - Merch By Amazon 
2 - ‘Must Read’ Blogs 
3 - Merch Research 
4 - Facebook Groups 
5 - Hardware 
6 - Desktop Software 
7 - Mobile Design Apps 
8 - Design Resources 
9 - Free Images & Vectors 
10 - Hiring Designers 
11 - Graphic Design Services 
12 - Merch Design Services 
13 - Keyword Sites 
14 - Trademark Sites 
15 - Other Print On Demand Sites 
16 - Podcasts 
17 - Merch Courses 
18 - Trackable Link Services 
19 - Mockups 
20 - Word Clouds 
21 - Additional Resources 
22 - Novelty T-Shirt Sites
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You'll also get the DIGITAL version of this book with CLICKABLE LINKS!
meet the man behind the book
Chris Green
Chris Green has spent the last decade working with Amazon as a seller, vendor, and author. He is also seen as an Amazon ambassador or evangelist, encouraging others to find their own success with the
different Amazon platforms such as FBA, Merch By Amazon, CreateSpace, Kindle, and more. He enjoys life in Massachusetts with his wife and two kids.

Here's what other respected Merch By Amazon designers have to say about the Merch Resources for Merch By Amazon Designers book:
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Chris has compiled an amazing collection of resources for Merch By Amazon designers. It really has everything that a designer could ever need.

Michael Essek

Merch Resources is the new standard for Merch By Amazon resources. Having both the physical book and digital version is pretty genius.

Neil Lassen

I thought that I knew about every Merch By Amazon resource but Chris shares some great resources that I had never heard of (but I look forward to now using).

Ken Reil

The clickable links in the digital version make it so easy to browse all of these amazing Merch By Amazon resources. Big thanks to Chris for putting them all in one place!

Brenden Sullivan
What's inside the book •
Stop searching all over the Internet; it's all right here.
The two most important things that you will learn:
  • Useful Information
    Every chapter has something that you can use to help you grow your Merch By Amazon business! 
  • Actionable Content 
    Stop being held back by a lack of direction. Now that you have what you need to move forward, take some action!
Chatper 2: 'Must Read Blogs' 
Learn about the top blogs about Merch By Amazon to stay up to date with news and platform updates.
Chapter 10: Hiring Designers
Find the best sites to use when you're ready to hire your first Merch By Amazon designer.
Chapter 8: Design Resources 
Page after page of design resources that you can use for Merch By Amazon
Chapter 16: Podcasts 
Love podcasts? Then get this list of Merch By Amazon podcasts!
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